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Do we need to make reservations?
All public cruises are booked online at "onthelooscruises.com" which links through Fareharbor. 
Cruises can be booked all the way up to 1hour prior to departure the day of the cruise if there are spots available

Are there bathrooms on board?

Yes! We have one restroom on the lower level by the serving area. Very clean

Are there drinks and snacks on board?

Yes! We have a full selection of wine, beer, liquor, and cocktails.  We also  sell snacks at the bar.  * No Carry on food or Drink - * No Smoking

Is the vessel wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Our lower level is handicap accessible for standard-size wheelchairs.  The bathroom, however, is not wheelchair accessable.

How many passengers may be aboard for a typical cruise?

The "On The Loos" is U.S. Coast Guard inspected vessel. It is licensed to carry 38 passengers.

Do you operate in the rain?

Yes! Our cruises run rain or shine. Our upper deck is 1/2 canopied and open on the sides for viewing, while our lower deck is 

all enclosed and temperature controlled. The lower deck has windows around the vessel to ensure you still enjoy the sights.

If however (On the Loos Cruise Captain Deems it unsafe) and because of weather predictions showing High Winds or Lightning we will contact you approximately 2 hours prior to departure - via text, email, or phone to offer reschedule times or a refund.

Are animals allowed onboard?

We are unable to permit animals aboard except for service animals.

Where can we find "On The Loos Cruises"

Our vessel "On the Loos" is a 63 foot doubledecked paddlewheel riverboat. Our departure location is on the Fox River 

in Oshkosh Wisconsin located between  the Oregon/Jackson St bridge and Main St bridge. see google map on home page.

Is there parking  available

Yes there is parking available  in the parking area near our vessel at City Centre.  There is also parking across Main Street at the Convention Center.


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